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Background Resources

This letter from Bat Ye'or to Taslima Nasreen was published in French (17 August 1994) at the request of the Paris based Reporters sans Frontières, (Reporters without Borders International). Writers were requested to send letters of support to Taslima Nasreen, for publication in a world campaign through the press. The action was called off when Taslima Nasreen was authorized to leave Bangladesh on 10 August 1994. Nonetheless Reporters sans Frontières published Chère Taslima Nasreen... (Paris, Stock, October 1994) with 15 letters in this order: Salman Rushdie, Bernard Henri-Levy, Rachid Mimouni, Nadine Gordimer, Philippe Sollers, Bat Ye'or, Leïla Sebar, Rada Ivekovic, Pierre Mertens, Susan Sontag, Eric Loest, Elfried Jelinek, Mohammed Choukri, Irene Frain, Amitav Gosh, and an answer from Taslima Nasreen. [French version of this letter, Tribune de Geneve, 17 August 1994].

The Truth About the Mideast, by David G. Littman. National Review Online, October 7, 2002

A Culture of Hate: A racism which denies the history and sufferings of its victims, by Bat Yeor. National Review Online, August 2, 2002

Syria's Blood Libel Revival at the UN: 1991-2000, by David G. Littman. [Article published in the journal Midstream (New York) February/March 2000]

Islamism Grows Stronger at the United Nations, by David G. Littman. [Article published in the Middle East Quarterly, September 1999]

Universal Human Rights and "Human Rights in Islam", by David G. Littman. [Article published in the journal Midstream (New York) February/March 1999]

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