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Background Resources

This letter from Bat Ye'or to Taslima Nasreen was published in French (17 August 1994) at the request of the Paris based Reporters sans Fronti�res, (Reporters without Borders International). Writers were requested to send letters of support to Taslima Nasreen, for publication in a world campaign through the press. The action was called off when Taslima Nasreen was authorized to leave Bangladesh on 10 August 1994. Nonetheless Reporters sans Fronti�res published Ch�re Taslima Nasreen... (Paris, Stock, October 1994) with 15 letters in this order: Salman Rushdie, Bernard Henri-Levy, Rachid Mimouni, Nadine Gordimer, Philippe Sollers, Bat Ye'or, Le�la Sebar, Rada Ivekovic, Pierre Mertens, Susan Sontag, Eric Loest, Elfried Jelinek, Mohammed Choukri, Irene Frain, Amitav Gosh, and an answer from Taslima Nasreen. [French version of this letter, Tribune de Geneve, 17 August 1994].

The Truth About the Mideast, by David G. Littman. National Review Online, October 7, 2002

A Culture of Hate: A racism which denies the history and sufferings of its victims, by Bat Yeor. National Review Online, August 2, 2002

Syria's Blood Libel Revival at the UN: 1991-2000, by David G. Littman. [Article published in the journal Midstream (New York) February/March 2000]

Islamism Grows Stronger at the United Nations, by David G. Littman. [Article published in the Middle East Quarterly, September 1999]

Universal Human Rights and "Human Rights in Islam", by David G. Littman. [Article published in the journal Midstream (New York) February/March 1999]

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