David G. Littman

C. M. Eya Nchama, 52nd session UNCHR (3/18/1996)
D. G. Littman and C. M. Eya Nchama
52nd session UNCHR (18 March 1996)

David Gerald Littman – born in London on 4 July 1933 – is an historian and a human rights activist at the United Nations (Geneva) since 1986. For five years he was main representative of the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ). In February 1992, he joined veteran human rights activist Ren� Wadlow (editor of Transnational Perspectives), main representative of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR), then the World Federalist Movement (WFM), and since 1997 of the Association of World Citizens (AWC) and the Association for World Education (AWE), for whom Littman was accredited as representative. In 2001, he was again accredited as representative and main spokesman of the WUPJ to the UN in Geneva.

He has made oral and written statements (some jointly) at the UN Commission on Human Rights for the WUPJ, IFOR, WFM, International Committee for European Security and Cooperation (ICESC), Christian Solidarity International (CSI), Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), AWC, AWC, and other NGOs.


Littman – the youngest son of Joseph Aaron Littman – graduated in 1951 from Canford School, Dorset where he excelled more in sports than studies, but a preference for history brought him to Trinity College Dublin where he earned a "Moderatores" (B.A. with honors) and an M.A. in Modern History and Political Science. From mid-October 1955, he toured historical and archaeological sites in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel, returning to London in late March 1956. After a few months preparing for a family business career, he decided on postgraduate studies at London University's Institute of Archaeology, as one of two students under Kathleen Kenyon, director of the famed Jericho excavations, and Max Mallowan, head of Mesopotamian archaeology. Among other sites, he excavated at Hazor (Galilee) under Professor Yigal Yadin for two months in summer 1958.

In September 1959 he married Gis�le Orebi, a Cairo-born, French speaking fellow student who had been forced to flee Egypt in 1957 as a stateless refugee. The next year they moved to Lausanne, Switzerland. Soon after the birth of their first child, he volunteered for a delicate humanitarian mission in Morocco. From 15 March to July 24, 1961, accompanied by his wife as secretary – and their baby daughter Diana – he ran the Casablanca office of the Geneva-based international NGO for children OSE, renamed OSSEAN (Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants de l'Afrique du Nord). "Operation Mural" succeeded beyond all expectations; a documentary film was made in 2006 and screened in 2007. After returning to Geneva he continued university studies, but finally abandoned all thoughts of an archaeological career in 1963 to devote more time to the family business. Two more children were born to the Littman in 1962 and 1964.

In 1970, he and his wife and friends founded the Centre d' Information et de Documentation sur le Moyen-Orient (CID), supervising its many publications until 1974, and then as advisor. Till the mid-1980s, the CID published many studies in French – some in English and German – on subjects related to the Middle East, mailing from 5'000 to 10'000 copies to embassies in Bern, Geneva (UN), Swiss international organizations and libraries, administrators, politicians, Pen Club members and journalists, university professors and secondary school-teachers, doctors, pastors and priests, banks and large enterprises. A further 5,000 copies were used in France, Belgium. the UK, USA, and Israel. Several publications were sent out in the same manner by Les Editions de l'Avenir (from 1971), l'Action Suisse en faveur des Droits de l'Homme (1973) and WOJAC, World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries (1975).

Since 1971 he has published articles on historical and human rights issues in academic journals and in the press, and in three books: 1971, 1985, 2005 – signed: "D.G.Littman", "David Littman", "David G. Littman". During the mid-1970s he gave lectures to student groups at universities in the UK on Jews and Christians (dhimmis) under Islam, publishing in 1975 a brief study on "Protected Peoples under Islam" (re-edited by CID in an enlarged edition by David Littman and Bat Ye'or, in English 1976; French 1977). Since then he has translated most of Bat Ye'or's articles into English, co-translating three of her major books.

Accredited as a journalist for the UN Press Conference of Yasser Arafat (September 2, 1983), he asked Arafat a question on the PLO's 1968 charter which left him incoherent (UN English transcript).


As the WUPJ's main representative to the UN Human Rights Commission (1986-91) in the years preceding the collapse of the USSR, he was a vehement activist on the 'refusenik' issue – "speaking for nearly 2 million Jews worldwide." On March 5, 1987 – at the request of the U.S. ambassador – he accredited Natan Sharansky to speak for the WUPJ, which prompted the entire Soviet delegation to walk out. In his forceful statement – and again at a press conference and on TV – Sharansky referred to 380,000 'refuseniks' waiting to leave the USSR. At that time, this seemed very high, but that number was soon to be tripled.

In a 1988 "Special Report" on the UNCHR to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – published by Harvard Law School's Human Rights Internet Reporter – David Littman was described as having "become a byword for tenacity in the sisterhood of NGOs, deeply resented by some fellow lobbyists who are worried that he may enrage the Arabs by his attacks on Islamic calls for Jihad (holy war). Littman probably reaches more foreign ministries [by his widely circulated oral and written NGO statements] than any other lobbyist. A master of loud diplomacy, Littman is also formidable behind the scenes. Emboldened by glasnost, he latched onto Rudolf Kusnetsov, the Soviet visa chief ... but would the exchange get more Jews out of the Soviet Union?...Littman remained convinced that the pressure must be maintained ... Gorbachov may have opened the floodgates. If so, a sea of Littmans is preparing to pour through." [Ian Guest: 'profile on Littman': 'East-West' (page 64); his fight for the Jews in Arab countries (page 59)]

Since 1986, Littman has prepared more than 300 NGO oral and written statements – the latter prepared as UN documents for the UNCHR and its Sub-Commission – dealing with a wide area of human rights issues:

– Refuseniks, listing many by name, later released; and Andrei Sakharov (IHT Jan. 23, 1990).
– UN Resolution 3379 (1975) equating Zionism with racism, which he constantly denounced, and particularly: "Moscow as the fountain-head of an Antisemitic International".
– Apartheid, especially 4 messages (1989-91) read for Helen Suzman, South African M.P.
– Saddam Hussein's gassing of Kurds at Halabja, Iraq (1988 – not then on the CHR agenda).
– Burundi massacres (25,000) in August 1988. Only Littman and Ewa Nchama condemned it at the Sub-Commission, whose members considered it as "a current matter", outside their competence.
– Bombardment of Beirut by Syria (1989), condemned by a joint NGO 'Appeal'.
– Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's February 14, 1989 Salman Rushdie fatwa: he condemned it the next day, then twice again; only three Western ambassadors spoke (UK, France, USA). In a letter published in the IHT (March 21, 1989) he repeated his conclusion: "Silence, here and now, would make of us all the accomplices of terrorism and tyranny."
– Jews and Christians "dhimmis" in Muslim lands, and the plight of Christians today.
– 900,000 Jewish refugees and those obliged to leave Arab countries since 1948 – 75% found refuge in Israel.
– Syrian Jewish 'Spinsters of State Policy' (IHT, April 6, 1990) who were subsequently freed.
– Western hostages in Lebanon (1986-89), including nine local Jews, all assassinated.
– PLO refusal from 1947-1988 to accept 'international legality,' preferring terrorism.
– 1988 Hamas Charter; since Feb. 1989 he called it: "a blatant blueprint for genocide."
– Ethiopian Jews: direct contacts with senior delegate to free Jews in jail and for them to leave (1988-89).
– Religious intolerance and freedom of opinion in general – and some individual cases.
– Appeal for a 'United States of Abraham' in a democratic Middle East (March 6, 1990). It was later published by the Jerusalem Arab weekly Al-Fajr (December 24, 1990) and La Tribune de Gen�ve January 26-27, 1991.
– NGO statements and an article (with Wadlow): "A Time for Every Purpose under Heaven: The Peace Process and New Forms of Regional Integration" (Al Fajr, May 31, 1993).
– Rwanda genocide (1994), at a moment of general indifference at the UN.
– Many taboo issues: "Islamist Jihad Ideology" and "Islamikaze bombers".
– Copts in Egypt: Dr. Neseem Abdel Malek; human rights defender Prof. Saad Ibrahim.
– Analysis of 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and 1990 Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam: why was it published in a 1997 UN publication?
– The April 1997 "Blasphemy Affair" at the Commission and since then (and in several articles), showing how this 'precedent' had led to a 7-year auto-censorship by the Special Rapporteur on Racism regarding references to Judeophobia /Antisemitism in the Arab-Muslim world.
– Iraqi invasion of Kuwait (August 1990), 1st Gulf war (1991), and 2nd Gulf war (2003).
– Denunciation of Syrian 'Blood Libel' (1840 'Damascus Affair') in1991.
– Female Genital mutilation (FGM)/ "traditional practices" and Islamic aspects (since1992).
– Jihad-war and slavery in southern Sudan (since1994); genocide in Darfur (since 2003).
– Appeals for condemnation of any calls to kill in the name of Allah, God or any religion (since 2003).

Aside from his close collaboration with Ren� Wadlow, from 1994 he aided CSI at the UN on slavery issues (Sudan). This collaboration with Rev. Hans St�ckelberger (president) and John Eibner (director of CSI's campaign for freeing Christian and other slaves in Southern Sudan), led to his accreditation as CSI representative to the UN in 1999, when he introduced Dr. John Garang – SPLM leader of the Christians in Southern Sudan – to HCHR Mary Robinson. At the UN press conference, Garang spoke on the human tragedy of the population in Southern Sudan, victims of Jihad-war and slavery; He was stopped by Sudan on a procedural 'point of order' as he began to speak; – CSI lost its UN accreditation six months later.

From 2004 he worked closely on projects, especially NGO Conferences at the Commission, with Roy Brown, president and main representative of IHEU – in tandem with Ren� Wadlow. Personal attacks were often made against Littman – never refutations of facts – by delegates of the USSR, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Cuba, and some of the Sub-Commission's 'experts'.


– On July 31, 2001, in the context of the 3rd session of the Preparatory Committee on the World Conference against Racism (Durban), Littman organized a Parallel NGO Conference during the 53rd session of the UN Sub-Commission (Sponsor: AWE) on the subject of: Racism: Antisemitism / anti-Zionism and Genocidal Hate (Speakers: Bat Ye'or, Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, Fr�d�ric Encel, Cl�ment Weill-Raynal; Chairman: Abb� Alain-Ren� Arbez).

– During the 60th session (2004) of the UNCHR, he organized 3 parallel NGO Conferences. March 25, 2004: 'Judeophobia Today' (Speakers: Bat Ye'or, Robert Wistrich, Shmuel Trigano, Shimon Samuels, David G. Littman; Chair: Ren� Wadlow / Sponsors: AWE, SWC, WUPJ). March 26, 2004: UK Channel 4 film: 'Blaming the Jews' (Robert Wistrich). April 7, 2004: 'Apostasy, Human Rights, Religion & Belief' (Speakers: Ibn Warraq, Younas Sheik, Shafique Keshavjee, Paul Cook; Chair: Abb� Alain-Ren� Arbez / Sponsors: AWC, AWE, IHEU, CSI); April 21, 2004, 'The Silent Exodus'. English version of Pierre Rehov's French film on 'The Forgotten Million Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries', selected at 2nd Paris Film Festival of Human Rights (Speakers: Pierre Rehov, Bat Ye'or, David G. Littman – Sponsors: WUPJ, B'nai B'rith, International Council of Jewish Women, AWE).

– On April 18, 2005, he organized – in collaboration with Ren� Wadlow (AWE and AWC), Roy W. Brown (IHEU), John Eibner and Hans St�ckelberger (CSI) – a major Parallel NGO Day Conference at the Commission on 'Victims of Jihad: Muslims, Dhimmis, Apostates, and Women' (Speakers / texts: Johannes J.G. Jansen; Hamouda F. Bella; David G. Littman; Bat Ye'or; Ibn Warraq; Azam Kamguian; Simon Deng; Caroline Fourest; Taslima Nasrin, Ayaan Hirsi Ali; Moderators: John Eibner, Rev. Hans St�ckelberger, Roy W. Brown, Fiametta Venner.)

Several of these texts – illustrating the dire effects of the extremist 'Ideology of Jihad' – were then adapted as written NGO statements for the 57th Human Rights Sub-Commission session. He referred to them in a joint oral statement delivered on July 26, 2005 for 3 NGOs (AWE, IHEU and AWC). Four attempts were made to censure the speaker by 3 of 26 "independent expert members" (Pakistan, Morocco and Cuba) as he began reading article 8 of the Hamas Charter that he called a blueprint for global Jihadist Martyrdom Bombers ("Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Koran its Constitution, Jihad its path, and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes.") ( See verbatim texts: www.iheu.org/uncampaign)

All the joint written statements were listed in his July 26 statement – as being "of crucial interest for the human rights of all" – and he specifically referred to the "Historical Analysis of Jihad" by Dutch scholar Prof. Johannes Jansen (Utrecht University); "Historical Negationism" by Bat Ye'or (author of Eurabia: the Euro-Arab Axis and specialist on Jihad, Dhimmis, 'Dhimmitude'); the "Treatment of Apostasy in Islamic law and its inconsistency with International Human Rights Instruments" by Ibn Warraq; and "Women in Islam" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Dutch Parliamentarian – under armed Dutch protection during her visit – and author of "Submission," a TV film produced with Theo van Gogh, who was later slaughtered in an Amsterdam street in November 2004.

1. Historical Background: Jihad Ideologies and their Muslim Victims
– Johannes G. Jansen
2. Muslim Victims of Jihad in the Sudan – Sudanese human rights activist Hamouda Bella (E/CN.4/Sub.2/2005/NGO/16)
3. The Culture of "Jihad and Martyrdom" in Egyptian School Textbooks
– David G. Littman
4. The Culture of Hate in Saudi Arabian Textbooks and Growing Arab Reactions
– David G. Littman
5. Jihad Ideology and Negationism lead to an Exclusion from Humanity
– Bat Ye'or
6. Apostasy, Islam Law and Human Rights
– Ibn Warraq, writer.
7. Genocide and Slavery: Crimes Against Humanity in Sudan
– Simon Deng, former slave
8. Problems of Muslim Women and their Human Rights Defenders
(Introduction: Women)
9. The Plight of Muslim Women in Bangladesh, and other Muslim States
– Taslima Nasreen
10. Women Victims of Islam
– Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Member Parliament (NL)
*11. Arab Criticism of Muslim Extremist Activities in the West
– MEMRI (see texts 3 and 4 - NGO/2 and NGO/3)
*12. Written statement by AWE with the title:
Background on "Traditional or Customary Practices"/Female Genital Mutilation
(*) The 2 statements (single asterisk) not adapted from NGO presentations (E/CN.4/Sub.2/2004/NGO/27)
** 13. Jihad & Martyrdom as taught in Egyptian primary/preparatory/secondary school text books (E/CN.4/Sub.2/2004/NGO/27)
** 14. Hamas: Sheikh Yassin/al-Rantisi – the UN and the grave worldwide cultural clash (E/CN.4/Sub.2/2004/NGO/25*)
** 15. M. Brotherhood / Hamas/Hizbullah/Al-Qaeda:Terror Legacy Jihad-Martyrdom-Bombings (E/CN.4/Sub.2/ 2004/NGO/26)
(**) The 3 statements from the 56th Sub-Commission (2004) are listed here because of their direct relevance.


In a January 16, 2006 oral statement for AWE to a UN Working Group on Racism two months before the demise of the Commission, and then in a joint statement (AWE, IHEU and AWC) on 23 January, Littman again raised the ongoing genocide in Darfur which caused the Sudanese delegate to bang loudly on the table before being reprimanded by the Chilean Chairman. The Iranian delegate also reacted when Littman cited article 2, point 4 of the 1945 United Nations Charter in regard to Iranian President Ahmadinejad's call to "wipe Israel off the map" – which he maintained was "punishable" under article III & IV of the Genocide Convention that condemns: "Direct and public incitement to commit genocide." He spoke on "Islamophobia," and the OIC's failure since 2003 to condemn all calls to kill in the name of Allah, God, or of any religion – under the resolution, "defamation of religions". At the first meeting of the new Human Rights Council (June 2006), Littman was again stopped on a Sudanese 'point of order' when mentioning Darfur. At the two special sessions of the HRC (July 5-6 and August 11), he delivered statements on Hamas, the Gaza conflict, and Hezbollah (Lebanon war).

At the Human Rights Council (3rd, 4th, 5th sessions), he was again active on taboo subjects, and particularly at the 6th session (September, 10-28, 2007), where he made two joint statements for AWE and WUPJ, one for AWE, AWC and WUPJ, and a 4th, with IHEU (13, 14, 20, 25 September, all circulated with written statements). The various themes addressed were: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) / reference to the Pope's use of the term "Jihad" and his declaration at the Regensburg lecture: "Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul" / reiterated calls to the Council (cf. written statement A/HRC/6/NGO/5: 'Appeal to condemn calls to kill in the name of God' – all written statements linked by Google 'search') / the Iranian president's politicidal-genocidal calls to "wipe Israel off the map" / shameful propagation of a Judeophobic-antisemitic culture of global hate / incompatibility of Iran's 'Dialogue of Civilization' initiatives with the marriage of girls at nine and the stoning of women for 'adultery' / December 7-8, 2005 "Extraordinary Islamic Summit in Mecca" calling for "an Islamic Charter on Human Rights in accordance with the provisions of the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam; to interact with the United Nations and other relevant international bodies"/ Special Rapporteur on Racism, Doudou Di�ne, and his extensive Report on "Islamophobia" (30%) and inadequate details on "Christianophobia" and Judeophobia-antisemitism (10%) especially in the Arab-Muslim world / Occupation of Gaza by Hamas and its genocidal 1988 Charter, never condemned at UN bodies. He was twice stopped on a 'point of order' by the delegate of Egypt, who requested that the name of "Allah" (when reading article 8 of the Hamas Charter) not be used at the Council. He drafted an 'Appeal' (November 2, 2007) to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and High Commissioner Louise Arbour by AWE, AWC, IHEU, WUPJ, requesting a condemnation of an October 22, 2007 NBN Lebanese TV, affiliated to Parliamentary Speaker Nabih Beri, of the infamous, Protocols of the Elders of Zion. HCHR reacted firmly by writing to the director of the Lebanese National Broadcasting Network requesting him to act to end the airing of such material "that could inflame feelings or incite hatred and violence. Joint 'Appeal'-letters were also sent to the HCHR on December 3 and 5 , regarding the ongoing genocide in Darfur – reiterating their May 24, 2006 opinion: "We believe that the role of the new Human Rights Council will be, in part, tested by the way the Darfur conflict is faced." The "Watchman", who sees the sword, must sound the trumpet.


– February 8, 2002. With Bat Ye'or and Habib Malek, he addressed a Congressional Human Rights Caucus Briefing on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. on the theme: "Human Rights and the Concept of Jihad".

– October 22, 2002. Littman and Bat Ye'or lectured in Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. on "The Ideology of Jihad, Dhimmitude, and Human Rights," which resulted in a highly controversial exchange with Muslim students (all interventions were published and then placed on the website: www.dhimmitude.org – [Today /Dhimmitude; Today – Georgetown]

– October 23-24, 2004. In Zurich, he was one of several speakers (Keynote speaker: Daniel Pipes) at the 1st International Symposium on "Egyptian Copts: A Minority under Siege' (Sponsors: CSI / Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights / Jubilee Campaign). Title: "Teaching Hatred in Saudi Arabia and Egypt: The UN Response."

– March 15, 2005. He was one of several other speakers with Bat Ye'or at a Conference in Rome on "Democracy and the Ideology of Jihad" (Sponser: Forza Italia): Title: "Saudi Arabian and Egyptian schoolbooks: A Culture of Hate: 'Jihad and Martyrdom.'")

– October 6, 2005, Bat Ye'or and Littman lectured at the Advance Operational Arts Studies Fellowship / School of Advanced Military Studies (Graduate School of the Command and General Staff College), Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Title: "Human Rights and Creeping Islamism at the United Nations."

– November 19, 2005. He was one of five speakers (with Bat Ye'or) at a Conference in the Danish Parliament (Copenhagen) on: "Ought we to Curtail Freedom of Speech in Deference to Islam" (Sponsors: Free Press Society – Denmark & Jyllands-Posten / Moderator: Flemming Rose). Title: "Free Speech and Islamism at the United Nations."

– February 17-19, 2006. He was 1 of 13 speakers at "Pim Fortuyn Memorial Conference 2006 on Islam" (The Hague). Title: 'Submission' at the United Nations?

– July 21, 2007, he was a keynote speaker at the Summer Convention on Israel of the International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem in Hamar (Norway). Title: A Culture of Hate based on 'Jihad and Martyrdom' and Creeping Islamism at the United Nations.

– October 18, 2007. He spoke (Bat Ye'or was keynote speaker) at the Vigilant-freedom 'Counterjihad Brussels 2007 Conference' in the EU Parliament, Brussels. Title: Creeping Dhimmitude at the UN.


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"The International Bill of Human Rights should be applicable without exceptions for all States." (E/CN.4/2003/NGO/225, of March 17, 2003). Written statement by AWE, circulated officially as a document to the 59th session, UNCHR (March 17-April 25). David G. Littman prepared this written statement from a previously published article.