Dhimmitude: Today: Christian Anti-Zionism and Dhimmitude

Christian Anti-Zionism and Dhimmitude

The common Christian anti-Zionist vision seems to be totally unaware of the Islamic policy toward the People of the Book (Jews and Christians). It is a dualistic vision and not a triangular perspective that integrates the jihad theological ideology. It pretends that Israel is the enemy and assumes a priori, an Islamo-Christian fraternization which is historically, theologically and politically an illusion and an aberration. As Islam is the third element in the Holy Land, and the principal one in the disputed territories, any political evaluation of the situation there with reference only to Israel, without referring to Islam, is extremely dangerous for Christianity's survival in the Holy Land. This illusion was created by the total dilution of Christian identity into the Palestinian war against Israel. Peace will force the Arabized Christians in Palestine to confront the harsh realities of dhimmitude which they have always denied.

Jews and Christians Under Islam: Dhimmitude and Marcionism by Bat Ye'or. Highlights the return of replacement theology and frank Marcionism, and their influence on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and other international conflicts. Published in French as Juifs et chr�tiens sous lislam, Dhimmitude et marcionisme, by Bat Ye'or. [Commentaire, N�97, Printemps 2002]

Replacement theology is today flourishing in Europe despite the modern teachings of the Catholic Church. This trend nourished by the Palestinian and Arab dhimmi Churches, represents the theological component of the modern anti-Zionist/antisemitic fervor that has stired up Europe since the last wave of Palestinian terror in Israel. Replacement theology is linked to a new cult: Palestinism which promotes the destruction of Israel by jihad and its replacement by a Muslim state governed by the shari'a.

Arab Christian Clergymen Against Western Christians, Jews, and Israel. [MEMRI, Inquiry and Analysis series, #93, May 1, 2002]

Christians who hate the Jews, by Melanie Phillips. [First published in the Spectator, February 16, 2002]

Anti-Christian Anti-Zionism, by Bat Yeor, in "Sens" (Sept.-Oct. 2001)

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